Being sober opens up the world to new opportunities. In order to continue to grow and live the sober life of our dreams we must continue to live our truth one day at a time. We need to continue to align our mind, body and soul while we pursue our dreams. Its not enough to be sober and just get by we deserve the life we’ve dreamed of. We can’t let fear and our past stories limit us. We all have the potential to live the best life for us. We can get to that place of truth and light and freedom. Don’t be afraid to take the step! Love and light, Kelly

Theres gotta be something more!!!!!!

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“What can I get you to drink?? oh wait you don’t drink…..” Why people make sobriety hard and what the F can we do about it?

I don’t know about all of you but when I got sober I was the only living person on the planet that I knew personally that was. My dad has not been a drinker since the military but he will still have a beer here and there but literally other than that I knew nobody …

“Theres gotta be something more…..gotta be more than this!” This song was my most played song for 6 solid years before I got sober and started this journey to my truth and to myself. It was clearly my anthem! I was always reaching and searching for something more, something to make things right….to make me …